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The Cubii isn’t the highest-selling elliptical out there, but it has added to the ever-growing market of fitness-at-work products. We figure if you’re truly stuck at your desk most of the day and are struggling to find a good chunk of time to be active every day, maybe you should consider an under-the-desk solution like the Cubii. So we gave it a shot, after all, someone has to sit down at a computer and write all this content, right!?

The Cubii is an inexpensive under-the-desk elliptical that’s good for stationary workers, couch sitters, or anyone who’s SERIOUSLY limited in time and can’t hit the gym or take a walk every day.

The Cubii Pro Is A Good Elliptical Purchase For This Audience:

  • Programmers, writers, researchers, and anyone else glued to a screen – If you’re watching a screen for most of your workday, an under-the-desk elliptical is a good way to keep your legs moving and your blood pumping (at least more than a little).
  • If you’re recovering from an injury – If you find yourself limited in what you can do physically, the Cubii is a low-impact way to move and condition major muscle groups without risking injury or slowing down healing.
  • When balance issues are a concern – You can workout without fear of losing your balance or falling over.

How It Works


Place the Cubii in front of your chair or sofa.


Connect to the Cubii App and adjust the resistance level.



Start pedaling and enjoy your workout.

Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical Review


The overall design is ergonomic, and it minimizes the amount of leg movement needed.

This means you don’t have to deal with your knees hitting the top of your desk. Even if your desk has a keyboard tray.

Small and Quiet: The Cubii Pro is small and fits under a desk easily. It is also super quiet, so it shouldn’t bother your coworkers, even if they are in a neighboring cubicle.

Noise Level

The goal of all under-desk workout equipment is to be effective and easy to use while not interrupting your workflow.

However, not all elliptical trainers live up to this expectation.

Cubii is one of the few that delivers on this promise.

The Cubii is not loud. The noise level is very quiet. I would decide it as a low hum, comparable to a small fan. Other people might not even notice it, and if they do, it is not distracting.

The problem with other ellipticals is that they can start to squeaking. This doesn’t happen with Cubii. So bottom line: I believe that it is quiet enough to not disturb your coworkers


The Cubii is one of the smaller under-desk ellipticals in terms of height. This is a benefit because you are less likely to bump your knees on the underside of your desk while using it.

It weighs a little under 28 lbs. It also has a built-in handle between the peddles. This makes it very easy to move around under your desk.

Overall, the weight is even, which means it’s stable and won’t easily slip. I use my Cubii on a carpet. If you have a slippery floor or you want to protect your floor – you can get a Cubii Mat to go under the Cubii Pro.


The visual appeal of office exercise equipment can be important in professional settings. Cubii has a very sleek and modern visual design. I think looks very professional.

There are also a few colors to choose from. The colors available vary based on if you select the Cubii Pro or Cubii Jr.


If there is one thing that I am confident that it is the quality of the Cubii Pro. This is a high-end and high-quality under-desk elliptical. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Right out of the box, I can tell that the Cubii Pro is built to last.

I looked at a bunch of reviews online and on Amazon. I could not really find any quality complaints from customers.

I also wanted to test the comfort and overall experience.

So I used my Cubii Pro while wearing different shoes and footwear!

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